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Nossa Terra Tours was created to provide photographers and nature lovers opportunities to directly connect with the beauty and biodiversity of South America.

My goal is to raise awareness about the importance of healthy ecosystems so wildlife can thrive.  Over many years I have traveled  back and forth to South America, and have seen an increasing impact on native forests and ecosystems from agro-business, crops, pesticides and human encroachment.

One way to help is through Ecotourism.  Over the last couple of decades, some areas have experienced significant benefits from ecotourism.  We CAN make a difference!  Younger generations in many areas are working to maintain their local forests, wetlands and replant native trees.

Nossa Terra Tours supports responsible travel and sustainable ecotourism.
I have carefully selected the best guides and lodges to safely bring you close to amazing birds and animals that live in each location.  All you need to do is pack your photo gear and come!

Forget the zoo! Come experience the excitement and beauty of South America 

Stephanie Arnow


Nossa Terra Tours, LLC

Nossa Terra Tours LLC is a woman-owned and run company, registered in the State of California, USA

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