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Stephanie Arnow, Photographer, Tour Leader

I was Introduced to travel and photography early in life and have been inspired by experts and guides to capture images of the exquisite biodiversity of the Americas. 

During my career of more than 30 years in travel, I explored many

‘off the beaten track’ locations, and developed a passion for wildlife photography - and the importance of preserving natural habitats. 

My desire now is to share images of birds and animals in their natural habitat and hopefully inspire others to appreciate and protect the biodiversity that is more at risk every year.

I have developed 10 and 14 day tours to some of my favorite places in South America for photographing neotropical birds and wildlife. Each tour has been carefully designed to include the best locations to see the birds, monkeys, cats, frogs – everything unique to the area.  I have personally selected and vetted each guide and lodge to ensure the best experience possible for comfort, convenience, and photo opportunities.  Come along and get the shot of a lifetime!






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